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Miele Robot Vacuum Scout RX2 Home Vision

3D Smart Navigation

Improved room detection

Compared to other robot vacuum cleaners with chaotic navigation technology, the Scout RX2 is far superior to other systems. With new 3D Smart Navigation technology, rooms are systematically mapped and cleaned. The technology enables the Scout RX2 to negotiate obstacles and, after cleaning, it can be relied upon to find its way back to its charging station.

Furniture protection

Looking ahead

To prevent collisions, 7 infrared sensors in the front and 3 below the unit detect its surroundings – furniture and obstacles are recognized and avoided. Additional front cameras measure the distances to obstacles in the vicinity.

The Scout RX2 cleans floors autonomously and much more thoroughly than most of its competitors. Thanks to its intelligent system and ability to operate for up to 120 minutes, it provides reliable assistance you will not want to be without once you have experienced it (features depend on model).