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Miele Genuine F/J/M Air Clean 3D Efficiency 3 Boxes 12 Bags and 6 Filters Set

The Miele FJM 1 Year Supply gives you (12) Miele FJM bags, (3) Motor Filters, and (3) AirClean Filters. This 1 year supply is a great way to purchase all your bags and filters for your machine, and not have to worry about running out-- for an entire year. We have all been there, in the midst of cleaning, and you've run out of bags. it's so frustrating! With this 1 year Supply, you won't have to worry about running out of bags anymore. Buying vacuum bags and filters should be stress-free a simple.

What is a Motor Filter?

The motor filter is the small, spongy like filter that sits inside the canister, opposite of the bag clip, at the base of your vacuum bag. This small filter is actually very important and should be changed every 4 vacuum bags. In this pack you will receive 4 motor filters, and the vacuum bags are conveniently packaged in packs of 4. Keeping it easy to know when to change. 

Questions on Which FJM Bags to Purchase? 

Click Here to read all about Miele FJM Bags, and all quantity options available for purchase! 


Miele FJM Miele 3D AirClean Bags:

  • Filter more than 99.9% of all dust particles
  • Have the highest level of efficiency when vacuuming with a low wattage
  • Maximum utilization of the full bag capacity- 4.6 Quarts
  • Clean bag replacement thanks to automatic bag closure

This pack includes: (12) dust bags, (3) motor filters, & (3) AirClean Filters

The Miele AirClean System: 

  • The Miele AirClean system filters more than 99.9% of all fine dust particles.

Self-Sealing Bags

  •  All genuine Miele bags self close when the appliance is opened to prevent dust from escaping. This seal is ideal for allergy / asthma sufferers, and consumers looking to keep only the cleanest air in their homes, as no dust escapes your vacuums bag.

No Dust Escapes Your Bags

  •  With Miele's 9 ply bag layer technology, no dust is missed by Miele FilterBags™.


What Models do FJM Bags Fit?

  • S200 series
  • S300 series
  • S500 series
  • S4000 series
  • S6000 series
  • Compact C1 series
  • Compact C2 series